LP: Whatever, Dad – 100% Take Home!

I wish I could write a review of the new Whatever, Dad album in the style of Rap Genius – like, you could hover your mouse over a lyric and read my empathetic annotations.

For example, the lyric “Am I boring you” from “spud,” reminds me of that feeling when you are telling someone a story and you can feel them zoning out so you start to talk faster, hoping that your increase in energy will awaken them and make them realize that you are trying to communicate an idea that is probably very insignificant, but you want them to pay attention, please, because just the act of listening means so much.

My Rap Genius Whatever, Dad review would consist of me enthusiastically nodding my head and thinking, “Wow, how does Elaiza manage to perfectly summarize my EXISTENCE?”

Whatever Dad
Source: goldflakepaint.co.uk

Just in case this is your first introduction to Whatever, Dad, let me fill you in: it is the project of Elaiza Santos, who is also a member of Crying.

Her past releases include the self-titled Whatever, Dad and Dad?, a split with pal Baby Mollusk. 100% Take Home! is filled with old and new friends and gems. “Nessa’s Theme” was featured on THE LE SIGH Vol. 1 tape and “ERST” was included on the rad SCIENCE!!! compilation. How does Elaiza manage to make a song about earth science so appealing? Like her previous tracks, the sound on 100% Take Home! is reassuring, and Elaiza’s voice always reminds me of a lullaby.

However, it would be too easy to say that Whatever, Dad’s songs are fragile, because listen to the lyrics, kids! Take the lyric “It does not make linear sense to miss that which I still haven’t lived through yet and yet, I’m still upset.” Elaiza faces the truth that her thoughts might not always be rational or healthy, but they still exist, and hearing someone else recognize that tendency is extremely comforting.

Source: goldflakepaint.co.uk

I love her ability to make songs that are bitterly honest, like “Stalemate,” and then songs that are more humorous, like “waffles.” “Stalemate” is particularly truthful and bitterly honest with lyrics like “Every train ride home that I take gives me time to miss and think about him.” “waffles” features Whenever, Dad, the full band composed of QJ on drums, Chris P. on bass, and Sam Skinner on guitar.

While many of the other songs discuss uncertainties about the future, “waffles” is about a pet rock, who seems like a more reliable relationship than most boys. I’m not sure if I have the authority to say that Elaiza’s words are profound, but I can definitely say that they mean a lot to me.