Monday Mix: The Le Sigh Vol. 1

2013 was a great year for us. In the last twelve months, we’ve almost tripled our staff and grown our readership to a scope that we didn’t think was possible. We’ve had the opportunity of collaborating with many incredible musicians and visual artists through our Girl Spotlight and Monday Mix series.

And above all – maybe the coolest thing that happened all year – we released our first zine and tape compilation with Brooklyn-based label Birdtapes. And even cooler, the zine and tape bundle sold out in the two days following our zine launch party at The Silent Barn. Listen to The Le Sigh Vol. 1 Birdtapes here.

Many of our readers have been asking if we’re planning on restocking the zine and cassette. The answer to that is probably not. That’s why today, instead of a traditional Monday Mix, we’ve decided to share our first tape compilation with those who weren’t able to purchase it.

Thank you for your love and support. We hope you enjoy it!

The Le Sigh Vol. 1 Tracklist:

1. “Nessa’s Theme” – Whatever, Dad
2. “Empty Hands” – Baby Mollusk
3. “Being Cool Is Super Hard” – Morgan Spaner
4. “Duh” – Infinity Crush
5. “Apart” – Yohuna
6. “See You Soon” – R.L. Kelly
7. “Dark Skies” – Frankie Cosmos
8. “Little Things” – Lizard Kisses
9. “Find Me” – Winter

10. “Never What You Wanted” – Bam! Bam!
11. “Fuck It” – Numb Bats
12. “Dream Lover” – Love Cuts
13. “The Spins”- Potty Mouth
14. “Open My Eyes”- Burnt Palms
15. “Ice Age” – Loveover
16. “Sweetie” – Tomboy
17. “Watch You (Party Mix)” – Priests
18. “No Right” – Young Trynas
19. “Le Sigh (Theme Song)” – Mannequin Pussy

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