Your Wedding: Where to Splurge & Where to Save

Did you know that the average wedding costs a colossal $30,000? Cost-prohibitive for many couples, it can be hard to know where to allocate your available funds. If you are struggling to break down your wedding budget and decide where to splurge and where to save, the below blog is just what you need.

From catering to invitations and venues to wedding photography, read on to discover where you can save money and where you need to spend a little bit more.

Splurge: Venue


When it comes to your wedding, the most important element by far (apart from your spouse-to-be, of course) is your choice of venue. Therefore, you want to allocate a large percentage of your wedding budget to booking one of the top wedding venues in the country.

Save: Wedding Invitations


You may be surprised to find out how expensive custom-made wedding invitations can be, especially if you are inviting a large number of guests. Even though bespoke wedding invitations do look nice, are they really worth the high price tag?

Splurge: Flowers


Although wedding flowers can be costly, they are worth the expense. With the ability to transform even the most basic wedding venue and enhance the beauty of luxurious ones, your choice of flowers is instrumental in the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Whether you choose to go classic or you prefer more exotic blooms, make sure you splurge on your wedding flowers.

Save: Wedding Favors


Wedding favors are a nice gesture, but chances are your guests will forget about them as soon as they get home. If you do want to offer favors to your guests, then why not make your own rather than purchase expensive, ready-made ones? Alternatively, if you are short on time, you could ask one of your bridal party to do this for you.

Splurge: Wedding Photography


Your wedding photos are something that you will treasure forever, offering a tangible keepsake from your special day. Therefore, if your budget allows it, hire a professional photographer who will ensure you capture all the most important moments of your wedding.

If you don’t have a photographer in mind already, ask family and friends for recommendations.

Save: Bridal Party Attire


Of course, you want your bridal party to look and feel good at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you should blow all your budget on their dresses. If you are really short on funds, you may want to ask your bridesmaids if they are willing to pay for their dresses themselves. However, if you do this, then you need to allow them some creative input into the style of dress.

Splurge: Catering


Your guests will remember the food you serve, so you need to make sure you don’t scrimp on this aspect of your wedding. Whether you choose a sit-down meal or you prefer a more relaxed buffet style of catering, your choice of food and drink should complement the rest of your wedding and leave your guests feeling satisfied and well-fed.

Save: Music


Unless you have a favorite band that you have always envisioned at your wedding, you can save a lot of money by sorting out the music yourself. Plus, when you create your own playlist, you can pick and choose exactly what songs you want to play all night long.