Need to Ship Your Car across the Country? Here’s What You Should Know

If you need to ship your car across the country, there are some considerations you must keep in mind.


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Car shipping may seem daunting at first, but the top auto transport companies have made the process straightforward and affordable. Their professionals know exactly how to efficiently move vehicles across the country at competitive pricing – plus take extra steps to ensure your car is ready and safe before booking a shipment, such as getting the right insurance.

Fuel costs should also be factored into the final cost, as truckers have to refill their tanks multiple times during their journey, which also increases the insurance rate. Finally, type and condition will have an effect; larger or unique cars may require more room on a carrier vehicle.

Time of year it is also crucial to take note of when moving a vehicle; moving in the winter could expose your car to harsher weather conditions that cause additional wear and tear during transport, while summer or springtime moving offers better protection due to milder climate conditions.

When selecting a company to ship your vehicle, be sure they offer insurance in case anything goes amiss during its journey. An ideal policy should clearly outline exactly which coverages they provide and which are excluded – if this information cannot be provided nor has unclear terms and conditions then look elsewhere for your service provider.


Transporting your car across the country can be costly, but there are ways to cut costs. Select an open carrier transport with terminal-to-terminal service instead of door-to-door shipping as this often proves less expensive since drivers don’t have to go out of their way for delivery. In addition, ship during off-season months such as late autumn to early spring – auto shipping companies tend to offer discounted rates and more shipping options without competing against snowbirds heading south for winter!

Once you’ve located a reliable transport company, booking your car shipment becomes easier. On pickup day, meet your driver to inspect for preexisting damage before signing the bill of lading agreement and taking photos as proof if anything goes amiss during transport.

Make the most of your money-saving efforts by clearing away personal items from your vehicle before the shipper picks it up, such as insurance cards, passports or driver’s licenses that may have been stored there. Make sure you bring an extra set of keys if your car will likely be left unattended during transport; that way if any disappear during its travels they won’t cost much to replace!


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Cost of shipping your car across the country varies significantly based on several different factors. Vehicle type and condition play an important role; larger SUVs or trucks cost more to ship than smaller cars, while less reliable older models will incur greater expenses compared to newer more reliable ones. Time of year also has an effect, according to this article; winter shipping tends to cost more due to poor driving conditions as well as potential weather delays for deliveries.

Comparing auto transport quotes online is the way to find the most economical rates on transporting your vehicle. Be sure to include all information about your shipment – year, make and model of the car being transported, pickup/delivery locations, preferred shipping dates as well as any special circumstances surrounding its transport. Once you have several quotes at hand, select one which best meets both your needs and budget constraints.

Once you’ve selected a company, prepare your car for transportation by clearing away personal items and thoroughly cleaning its interior. Check fluid levels and tire pressure – this will ensure your safety during transit and reduce the risk of any damages to your car during transportation. Lastly, take photos of its exterior and interior to serve as references once delivered.

Time of Year

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Before shipping your vehicle across the country, research the auto transport company and get multiple quotes before finalizing any deal. When researching companies for your cross country car ship, look at their USDOT number, customer reviews and insurance coverage. Any reputable car shipping service will have ample insurance policies in place to protect the transport of your vehicle.

When shipping your car, be sure to properly prepare it by clearing away personal belongings, disabling alarms and checking fluid levels. Take high-resolution photos of its condition for documentation purposes – these will allow you to identify any preexisting damage that might surface later during transport and can act as evidence in case any disputes arise during transit. Lastly, empty the gas tank to reduce weight as part of this preparation.

Driving long distances in rough road conditions can result in significant wear and tear on your vehicle, which may reduce its resale value and lifespan. With professional transport companies’ options for transporting your car instead of driving it yourself, however, this cost-cutting wear and tear is eliminated; thus many people opt for shipping their cars instead of driving themselves.