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Meet Diana, Editor-in-Chief of The Le Sigh. Diana is a Pisces, INFJ, and an aspiring witch. She perpetually doing laundry, killing her house plants, and drinking martinellis.
Meet Emily, the Music Editor of The Le Sigh. Emily is a terrible Virgo and almost exclusively reads books about old socialites. She can typically be found at a thrift store, in Zumba class, or stalking the Kardashians on Instagram.

Meet Taylor, Assistant Music Editor of The Le Sigh. Taylor loves television, Cher, and chicken parmesan. She made eye contact with Stevie Nicks once and still has anxiety about it.

Meet Brooke, Event Coordinator at The Le Sigh. She is usually wearing black and is an enthusiast of aroma therapy, high waisted pants, and thought-provoking conversation. She writes about music, mental illness, and feminism for Parallel Magazine, Audio Femme, and is the author of a ton of short fiction.

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