October 6, 2017

Stream: Weed Hounds - Double Life

Stream the new EP from Weed Hounds.

September was an intense month packed with intense weather and intense feelings. Weed Hounds’ new somber and sobering EP perfectly picks me up from the residual exhaustion, moving at a pace that motivates without being overwhelming. It’s a dreamy yet dancey five-song release that mixes echoey guitar hooks and diverse drum beats with a classic and familiar 90s indie rock sound. The feedback at the end of “Double Life” makes for a perfect transition to build energy and lead into the band’s most upbeat banger, “Magic Hour.” The song offers a scrubbed up version of the band, as the driving instrumentals sparkle behind the singer’s mesmerizingly calm voice. The subtle harmonies as they hold out words and notes is soothing enough to put you in a trance, like when the song “Magic Hour” hooks you as the vocalist repeatedly sighs, “awaaaayyyyy.” Then suddenly, the feedback at the end of the song snaps you out of your thoughts and into the next track, “Wait.” The reverb-filled dreamy sounds return, and the voice sounds far away and taunting in a way that almost resembles the serious playfulness of twee pop. This EP comes at you like a spellbinding haze while throwing unique riffs and beautiful harmonies into the calming mix.

Weed Hounds on Double Life:

"Double Life is a collection of songs we began writing in 2014 (around the time our album was released) and 2016. While we as a band do not typically start out with an overarching theme in mind during the writing process, sometimes (if we are lucky) a larger motif becomes evident in hindsight. A lot of these songs are about duality in a few different senses, from dream life versus waking life or thinking about your reality in comparison to a number of others you may imagine for yourself, or being in an altered as opposed to a rational state. Hope you enjoy them!"


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