October 9, 2017

Stream: Banana - Die Alone Pt. 2

Stream Banana's cathartic new album Die Alone Pt. 2.

"Alpha," the lead single on Banana's latest album, is a fist-clenching anthem of empowerment for anyone who has a shitty ex they want to put on blast. "You never looked me in the eye when you put me down, you alpha piece of shit!" vocalist Chelsea Ursin howls, perfectly capturing the blood boiling experience of reflecting on any toxic relationship.

From start to finish, Die Alone Pt. 2 is no different – it aims to provide cathartic refuge and undoubtedly succeeds with ultra-heavy songs like "Die Alone" and "Doomed" that are easy to get lost in. Both tracks are angsty in a way that is always self-aware; meditating on and poking fun at cryptic themes such as death and self-sabotage.  On slow, scuzzy track "Dogs," Ursin sounds akin to Palehound's Ellen Kempner within the the first few verses that equally pack a punch and make our heartache "you chase me around the house / and yell into my mouth / and tell me it's your disease." Stream the new album in full and read what Banana has to say about it below.

Chelsea Ursin of Banana on their new album: 
"The last time Banana recorded an album (Die Alone) it was on Valentine's Day with my ex, whom I knew had been cheating on me for the past year of our relationship. I thought it would be too hard to find a new drummer who'd want to play with me. It wasn't. I found a guitar player too! This recording was a lot more fun and serves to undo that first experience. I am very happy with how heavy it came out – thanks to Jack Pombriant and Jesse Weiss for recording us. 

The idea of dying alone came from a homeless man screaming at me (apropos not much) "You're going to die alone you cold bitch" one day during my shift at a coffeeshop. I thought, 'yeah I am, thanks for the reminder.' I also have a tattoo of the death head from a 1600's gravestone that reads "Memento Te Esse Mortalem"– basically, remember to live, cause you're gonna die soon enough too. Life's more fun when you realize it's only here for a minute."


Listen to Banana on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo