October 5, 2017

Premiere: Sneaks - "Hair Slick Back"

Watch the striking new video for Sneaks' "Hair Slick Back."

There are few people in their young twenties who can pull off cool like Eva Moolchan. The D.C.-based artist has only been performing under the moniker Sneaks for a few years, but Moolchan has already axed out her own musical niche with just a synth and a bass. On debut full length It's a Myth, Sneaks takes queues from the likes of demanding post-punk forces like Delta 5 and Kate Fagan along with deadpanned minimalist Colleen Green. But Moolchan gets weirder than that - she deploys futuristic beats and childlike wordplay on her songs that elevate her to another dimension. When creating the video for "Hair Slick Back," director Aabid Youssef wanted to draw out and define the qualities that make Sneaks so aloof yet alluring. Youssef spliced up Moolchan's face and two hands into a black and white triptych that rotates as a boa-clad Moolchan bounces around. The simplicity of the video adds to the taut tension of the songs as Moolchan repeatedly drones, "Hair slicked back cause I can't relax." It's a little anxiety-inducing, a little confusing, but ultimately really fucking cool - watch it below for the perfect introduction into the world of Sneaks.

Aabid Youssef on "Hair Slick Back":

“'Hair Slick Back' is a great example of Sneaks’ minimal swagger and my favorite song from It’s a Myth. My goal with the video was to really break down why I find her music unique and cool. The video, like the song, is stripped down to its bare elements, where Eva's enigmatic visage and bass interact in an isolated black and white triptych. Each frame was shot in one take and the whole video was completed in one session."


Listen to Sneaks on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson