September 27, 2017

Stream: Leor Miller and Francie Cool - GIRL

Stream the upcoming split from lo-fi superstars Leor Miller and Francie Cool.

Upon listening to GIRL, the new split from artists Leor Miller and Francie Cool, it feels as if it were just a matter of time before the two worked together in a confined space. Although Miller can be found at Bard College and Francie Cool exists between Pennsylvania and New York, the two appear to be cosmic counterparts, flourishing from their plucky DIY beginnings. On GIRL, they're especially synced and the piece ebbs and flows as a whole so smoothly that it takes a moment for you to realize the switch has been made from Francie Cool to Leor Miller. You can pre-order the split from Invertebrate here and listen to the whole album ahead of its 9/29 release date below.

Leor Miller on GIRL

"GIRL is the longest time I've ever spent between recording and releasing a piece of music. I think of it as a reflection, on old songs and past experiences, but also as a way of moving forward from those songs and experiences and towards working and approaching the world in a new way."


Listen to GIRL on soundcloud.

Written by Emily Thompson