September 22, 2017

Premiere: Shybaby - "Cigarettes"

Head to the party with Brooklyn's Shybaby.

Despite their moniker and the fact that they played their first ever gig just last month, you’d never guess that Shybaby has solidified itself as Brooklyn’s newest, most infectious punk band. The foursome, comprised of Grace Eire (guitar/vocals), Tess Leavay (guitar/vocals), Charlie McGrath (drums) and Ben Hansen (bass), made their first foray into the music world over the summer with their single “Cigarettes.” The track is a simple one with a two-chord structure, yet its oozing grit and gall is punctuated by McGrath’s thrashing drumming skills and Eire’s Carrie Brownstein-esque playful panting. Today, we’re excited to premiere the music video for “Cigarettes” — set aptly at a Bushwick house party with body glitter, Pop-Tarts, and make-out sessions in dimly lit bathrooms. Shybaby’s first release, a four-track EP titled PBR Tallbetch, is due out October 20th on Fluorescent Thought. Peep the video for “Cigarettes” below.

 Shybaby on “Cigarettes”:

"The 'Cigarettes' video kind of turned into something separate from the song as we were filming it. I had someone else in mind for the main dude, and when he both expectedly and unexpectedly didn't show up without a word, Justin stepped in (with a little/lot of convincing). It turned from lusting after things that are bad for you to maybe just looking for something better, all the while going a little crazy in the process."


Listen to Shybaby on soundcloud.

Written by Taylor Silver