September 5, 2017

LP: Pledge Drive - Genuinity

Become your best weekend warrior self with Pledge Drive.

Hailing from Chicago, Pledge Drive delivers a wave of denimcore funk with their newly released album Genuinity. With their grungy surf pop vibe, they cover everything from make outs to getting drunk to a song about Empire Today, the home improvement company with that one catchy jingle. While each song is fairly short, ranging from 2-3 minutes each, they pack a punch with the intensity of Skinny Girl Diet and the lo-fi tones of Bully. The band skillfully explores topics of early adulthood in an honest and comical way, providing a safe haven for individuals grappling with similar issues.

"bitchin’ place to make out" introduces the album with a flurry of whirling bass and drum kicks. With lyrics like “Baby you can give me a shout / I know a bitchin' place to make outtttt,” Pledge Drive delivers the gutsy bravado that many young adults aspire to have (you might even text your own crush after listening). Pledge Drive’s youthful energy continues in "weekend warrior," while singing about paychecks and 9 to 5 jobs. As post-grad looms closer and closer for me, this is often on my mind. Pledge Drive’s honesty about "adult" jobs and how mundane yet necessary they are is a good reminder to young adults, as many of us have been fed this romanticized version of adulthood through the media and movies. The lyrics “We all work from 9 to 5/ Menial tasks 'til the weekend arrives / Don’t really want to be a secretary / But I need a paycheck baby / I’m a weekend warrior / I do what I want Friday Saturday Sunday / But not too late on Sunday / 'Cuz I gotta work on Monday” are direct, taking away the glamorized versions of adulthood placed in our heads. Simultaneously, there's something comforting about the song, a reminder of the freedom and independence that comes with the weekend. After listening to "weekend warrior," the relief found in the weekend becomes a unifying experience. One of the most powerful aspects of Genuinity is the lack of idealization of adulthood. Instead, the record celebrates the upbeat simplicity of getting a new shirt and the joy that comes from having a few days off of work. Pledge Drive expresses what many talented punk bands have done before them — that sometimes the best album inspiration is that which is right in front of you. From vegetarianism in "(i get my) protein" to drinking on a small budget in "budget drunk," these are topics that balance the mundane with the universal. Through this, Pledge Drive has the ability to lessen the fear that comes along with getting older, providing a ground for commonality rather than tackling it on one’s own.


Listen to Pledge Drive on bandcamp.

Amelia Eskenazi is a feminist and gender studies and art student at Colorado College. In their free time, they enjoy reading about astrology, working in the darkroom, and eating freeze pops in the shower. Their rants can be found on Twitter and their photographic outbursts can be found on Instagram at a_eskenazi.