August 25, 2017

Premiere: Moon Racer - "Princess Jasmine in the Hourglass"

Watch Moon Racer’s "Princess Jasmine in the Hourglass" and long for lost times.

A friend of mine turned to me the other day and said, “It’s a nostalgic time of year.” The sentiment made me realize that every lived minute of my life is nostalgic; I'm in a state of constant longing for a time that I have already passed through. I rarely look forward. I’m a vessel for nostalgia. I collect all kinds of memories, both breathtaking and heartbreaking, and gather them within myself; filling myself to the brim. It’s to the extent that even the slightest nudge in either direction can make these recollections pool from my mouth. These nudges come from all kinds of things – flowers, films, or a certain stretch of a highway drive. More often than not, these nudges come from music. This time, it was Moon Racer.

Around a year and half ago now, I wrote about Moon Racer’s EP two songs. I was experiencing my first ever heartbreak at that time, and found comfort in the first track of that EP,
Princess Jasmine in the Hourglass." Coincidentally, I’ve found myself in a similar place right now. I’ve been mirroring how I felt back then. So it felt like Moon Racer and I were cosmically connected when she reached out to me about the new video for this song. Watching the clips, fuzzed together with VHS and warm light, I felt nostalgic for my first heartbreak; listening to this song on the floor of my bedroom, staring off. It all came back and it felt just like last time. For whatever reason the universe continues to flicker me back to this song. No matter my circumstances, it seems like Moon Racer will always return to fill me to the brim with all kinds of feelings. This time around I have a video to go with it, and I’m welcoming its warmth with closed eyes and open arms. If you’d like to join me, you can watch the video below. 

Moon Racer on the video for "Princess Jasmine in the Hourglass":

This is a simple song, recorded on cassette tape, so it has an equally simple video, also recorded to tape. The song is about time running out. I felt like the scene at the end of Aladdin when Princess Jasmine is getting buried in sand. You want to pretend like you weren’t secretly (foolishly) hoping the whole time it would turn out differently somehow. Much of the video is stop motion on my childhood Lite Brite. When you love somebody, magic seems to be all around you. Here everything comes to life for a little bit, then just sort of breaks apart. That’s kind of how it goes, you know?”


Listen to Moon Racer on bandcamp.

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