August 25, 2017

Premiere: Mean Siders - "Marco Polo"

Listen to the fiery new single from Brooklyn's Mean Siders.

"Mama always said that / boys are going to tease you," opens the new Mean Siders track, "Marco Polo." But what could come off as a cute-but-overdone trope about playground crushes turned into ~real love~ is much more fiery and fun that that. Instead, Mean Siders comes for the dudes who like to think that they're so mature but really treat you just as shitty as they did when they were children. Vocalist Katie Ortiz bitingly follows up the first line with, "But I don't really get why / Because I'm just doing what I want to do / So if you want to say hi / Just grow a pair and say it." The Brooklyn-based band takes no nice boy prisoners as they press down on the acceleration for the two-minute running time. Incase you don't get the message, the band succinctly adds: "We have no time for your fragile masculine ego and privileged understanding of how flirting should work. Go be nice to someone else. Leave us alone." Listen to "Marco Polo" below, and stay tuned for their full-length Seltzer which will be out in early October.


Listen to Mean Siders on soundcloud.

Written by Emily Thompson