July 25, 2017

Stream: Cult Fiction - Pissed

Stream the debut album from Boston-based band Cult Fiction.

The Boston area has been producing incredible punk acts for years, filling entire festival lineups such as Ladyfest and the now-defunct Smash-it-Dead Fest. Cult Fiction adds themselves to the growing list as they release their debut album, Pissed. As aggressive as the title leads on, these heavy, grungy songs will claw your ears open. Catchy melodies reminiscent of Hole and L7 lighten Haley Ladd’s rough guitar tone and foreboding vocals. At some points you almost can’t differentiate the guitar’s feedback from her voice crying out.

The three-piece is filled out by Paul Dunne on bass and Nicholas Regan on drums, a small group yielding a huge sound. Cult Fiction is a self-proclaimed “weed band” which is solidified with a rendition of Flipper’s "Life is Cheap" reproduced as “Life is Weed,” blending in on the last track as if it were a song of their own. Thematically, it ties the album together: Pissed opens with the existential punk show scenario in “Dead Guy,” then the riffy, slightly spoken-word commentary on capitalism in “Market." The song is sandwiched between the faster, more repetitive songs “Tired” and “Coffee,” which complement each other in lyrical content: “Feeling sick and tired” versus “Drink two pots of coffee so that I can feel my body.” The purely instrumental “No Name” segues into the last song with a one-two beat, like a hypnotic, ominous ticking clock with Ladd’s guitar scratching likening it to something out of a horror movie. This song particularly draws on instrumental trademarks from the formerly-Boston-based noise punk band Ursula. Cult Fiction will tour the Northeast and Midwest in August to promote the new album with support from fellow Boston punk heavy-hitters Gravel. You can check out the tour dates and full album below.


Listen to Cult Fiction on bandcamp.

Cult Fiction Tour Dates:
8/15 - Worcester, MA
8/16 - Richmond, VA
8/17 - Frederick, MD
8/18 - Washington, DC
8/19 - Nashville, TN
8/210 - Lexington, KY
8/21 - Cincinnati, OH
8/22 - Detroit, MI
8/23 - Bloomington, IN
8/24 - Pittsburgh, PA
8/25 - Philly, PA
8/26 - Allston, MA

Photo by Madison McConkey

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