July 21, 2017

Premiere: thanks for coming - "untitled i"

Listen to the first single from thanks for coming's debut album.

"It's so goddamn easy to lose touch," is likely the bluntest yet most honest album opener of 2017. The line comes via thanks for coming's sspplliitt E.P., which isn't broken up like a conventional split shared between two bands. Instead, the six songs are divided based on Brown's two different residencies of Chicago and New York and the musicians they works with in each city. sspplliitt isn't thanks for coming's most recent release (there have been four since), and many from their first, but I started listening to it at a point earlier this summer when my life was (to be dramatic) kind of imploding. I played it over and over and found solace in Brown's confused existentialism on songs like "Losing Touch (NYC)" where the aforementioned lyric can be found, and their simple, vulnerable admittance of "I don't want to feel sad, don't want to feel bad, just want to fit in to this crowd," on "Half Step Back (Chi)." It's not super eloquent, but at a time when I felt extremely directionless and out-of-my-body weird, thanks for coming's music was one of the few things that actually made sense.

Despite thanks for coming's massive musical output, they've never officially released a full-length record. This will change next month when Disposable America puts out their debut, missing out, on August 25th. "untitled i" is the first single from the album and finds Brown at their questioning best. The song skirts towards minimalism, with off-kilter layers of electric guitar matched with Brown's lilting voice and eventual spoken word. The stripped-down sound gives way for Brown's stunning songwriting to truly shine. Try listening to lines like "I spent this whole weekend being erased / Is this what it feels like to be behind the sun? / I'm still trying to figure everything out, I think it might just be myself / But who would say anything like that for fun?" and not feel completely, strangely understood. You can pre-order the cassette here and read Brown's words on the album below.

Rachel Brown on missing out:

"This album has been sitting for months, so I'm glad that it's finally on its way out into the world. And in case you can't tell, I'm still going through my 90s indie rock phase."


Listen to thanks for coming on soundcloud.

Photo by Riley Cavanaugh

Written by Emily Thompson