July 7, 2017

Premiere: Good at Bad - "Can't See It Anymore"

Watch a transformative new video from Good at Bad.

Good at Bad is the songwriting project of one Nika Nemirovsky, a Chicago native via Uzbekistan. Her songs balance on the blurry lines between rock and contemporary soul, taking emotive hints from Lianne La Havas on the combining of wavering voice and naked guitar. “Can’t See It Anymore,” the first single from her upcoming album, erupts with hues and smart rhythm just like the video that accompanies it. As she strolls paint-clad along solemn walls, Nemirovsky lets down her own walls to reveal a potent core of tenderness in her music. It denies any potent geographical influence, painting (no pun intended) a portrait of the artist as a careful watcher. Nemirovsky makes big music from a small space. From her hands, even only guitar and voice can perform a mosaic duet, waltzing back and forth with one another in a dance that conveys not only playful novelty, but also an honest and undeniable heartache. The video climaxes with an awe-striking sequence of body-painting that solidifies it as a statement that reflects exactly what defines Nemirovsky’s writing: clean, colorful, and melancholy. Watch the video and read a statement from Nemirovsky below.

Nika Nemirovsky on "Can't See It Anymore":

"This song was one of the first pieces that I took a long time to write. I would work on it, put it down, work on it again. It was written when I went back to school to finish my degree, and was experiencing a lot of questioning about whether the choices I was making were really my own or were imposed on me by some force. And ultimately I knew that I had to allow myself to dive into it unquestioningly. That mechanisms to deal with feeling trapped or stifled would develop within me simply by remaining present to the life I was living at the moment. The video was developed in my head during a 10 day silent meditation course. I spent a s*** ton of time imagining music videos in my head during that course. The video is about transformation. About forces outside of yourself working to transform you, and about allowing them to remain in your life. About being willingly vulnerable to discomfort... which is something I'm thinking about a lot right now in the face of intense commentary on race and gender politics. Being willing to be vulnerable to discomfort is the only place where growth can happen. I was fucking freezing during that entire shoot."


Listen to Good at Bad on soundcloud.

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