July 5, 2017

EP: GODXSS - Serpent

Experimental duo GODXSS reclaims the archetype of the hysterical woman.

We often embrace music that we feel “gets” us, but how willing are we to spend time with an album that makes us confront something within ourselves? The first time I heard GODXSS, the music project of Amanda Salane and Heidi Lor├źnz, was in Bushwick during a daytime art event filled with zines, oral poetry, and occasional acoustic act, all voicing a personal history of overcoming the patriarchy day-by-day. It was filled with manicured, self-aware, liberal-minded urbanites with outfits for the occasion, but no one knew what to expect when they heard the first manic fit of giggles from GODXSS. Between the disconcerting sounds of the simulated psychoneurotic soundscapes, you could’ve heard a bobby pin drop in the room. GODXSS performed for a room of statues too enthralled (or uncomfortable) to lift their beer can, go to the bathroom, or glance at their friend. Most kept a straight face and their fingers crossed that the new age industrial duo with princess vox, who did not come to stand on some constructed decorum, would not shriek and cackle in their face or sliver on the ground in front of them.

GODXSS’ debut EP Serpent reclaims or, at least tries on in costume, the archetype of the hysteric, manipulative, and untamed woman that Freud invented many moons ago, and still exists in our culture today. The work touches on love, loss, and looks, but never in ways the listener would expect, and it never fleshes out an idea in its entirety, allowing each track to exist as its own expression of a tumultuous subconscious state. However, in the uproar and disjointedness, Amanda and Heidi (our narrators) never lack complete control. Some will find it unnerving, others cathartic. Thankfully, the genre of noise has a new and needed female perspective in GODXSS.


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Written by Brooke Segarra