June 14, 2017

Premiere: Easy Love - "Treat Me Mean"

Relive your skater-filled youth with Easy Love's new video.

Over the weekend, I found myself in a crowded, concrete-filled park watching one of my old favorite emo bands. I went by myself, hesitant to subject anyone else to my intense attachment to my past. While I wouldn't necessarily want to relive my early teen days that were filled with an overwhelming amount of hormones and angst, I did slightly yearn for the days of lurking around local skater boys and talking about crushes with my friend. Luckily, my nostalgia was satiated with Easy Love's new video, which is set in a skate park in Riverside, California (a little cooler than my hometown in suburban New Jersey).

Easy Love is the new-ish project from Justine Brown, who you might recognize as the drummer of sister duo Summer Twins. Brown wrote the 2016 self-titled album in her parent's house while trying to reconcile the anxiety and regret that stems from a break up. Brown proves that she's still a queen at surf-pop, but can infuse the typically breezy genre with a ton of emotion. Easy Love will be getting the glitter-filled cassette treatment by UK label Super Fan 99  on July 14th. To celebrate the re-release, we're excited to share Brown's the video for "Treat Me Mean," which you can watch below.

Justine Brown on "Treat Me Mean":

"I made this video on my iPhone at this popular skate spot in Riverside. Its a ditch not too far from where I grew up. I learned how to skate when I was younger because my guy friends were really into it. I can't do many tricks but I enjoy filming my friends do them. Brad is one of my favorite skaters due to his inventive style. I decided to make a mini skate video with some tinsel poppers and a few of my good friends. I used the slow motion setting to replicate how laid back the vibe is when I am with my friends on skate days. It makes me feel nostalgic because it reminds me of my youth. We all had more free time to enjoy each others company without obligations."


Easy Love 'Treat Me Mean' from Super Fan TV on Vimeo.

Listen to Easy Love on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson