June 29, 2017

LP: Go! Racer - B.F.F.

Go! Racer resists society's bland expectations of adulthood.

Go! Racer gets loud and surfy with their first full length LP, B.F.F. The band hails from South Florida and gives off the tension-filled vibes of a high schooler with a burgeoning powerful, independent attitude. The lyrics approach themes like young love, friendship, and growing up with a teenage-like angst and passion. Vocalist Brock blends her angry tone with simple lines like “Your attitude stinks!” to send a big message in a contradicting youthful voice. Some songs, like "Get a Grip" and "Tough Guy," sound like they’re directed at a classroom bully. “You’re so arrogant, why don’t you just get lost?” Brock questions, getting straight to the point with the jerk she’s trying to confront. Other songs, like the record's namesake"B.F.F.," view friendship an innocent and uncluttered light, as if it's through the eyes of children who are not yet familiar with loss or betrayal. “Can’t believe we'll be friends forever, everything's better when we're together!” Brock sings excitedly, and the earnestness in her voice makes me hope she’s right.

The album also touches on an aversion to “growing up,” or, more relatabely, an aversion to complying with society’s expectations of adulthood. Brock brings back the simple and child-like lyricism with the line, “Work sucks, why can’t I just stay home?” Many of us have likely muttered something similar as a kid on our way to school, and Go! Racer recognizes that the same dissatisfaction still follow into adulthood as we drag ourselves to our jobs. The angsty mood of the album is embodied by Brock’s brilliant, dynamic yelps. Her attitude especially shines through in songs like "Tough Guy" and "Kiss Ass," where her fierce inflection and layered vocals come together perfectly. Her expressive voice is met with dark, fuzzy riffs and addictiv guitar hooks. It all wraps together in fuzzy, lo-fi recordings to create an empowering, fury-filled punk sound that I can envision on the soundtrack of a dark teen movie with a bad ass female lead a la Heathers or Scream.


Listen to Go! Racer on bandcamp.

Brianna Peterson plays awkward pop punk country in a band called Cooper!, loves everything outdoors and Twin Peaks, and is painfully torn between being a dog or a cat person.