June 7, 2017

EP: boys online - unreleased demos

Airing out your daily angst with boys online.

boys online is a garage-rock band that churns out scrappy, angst-filled songs from their home base in Brooklyn. Take the drawling “job song II,” their initial single from August 2016, for instance - they vent about working crappy jobs and only being able to relate to other people through their equivalent hatred for work. They sing about the mediocrity of working a low-level job, and how large, corporate businesses make us feel tiny and subordinate in comparison. On the opening track of unreleased demos, “new jersey” touches on unhealthy habits and paranoia that results in surfing through WebMD for unexplained answers. There’s a feeling of comfort that comes with settling in, but there's always the looming paradox of choice, the fact that there’s so much more we could actually be doing. The words “i’ve got it bad / i’ve got it so bad / i’ve got it bad / i’ve got it so bad / this is so bad / and it’s been so bad,” are slung out shamelessly, almost sarcastically even, giving the lyrical content a sort of lightness in terms of dealing with crushing circumstances.

In the following guitar-heavy track “pisces,” the band harmonizes over the line, “‘cause it’s my fault / it’s always my fault / never not my fault / it’s my fault,” drawing up a creeping feeling that's familiar to most of us - that the world is always against us. The songs heard on unreleased demos resemble the low, apathetic vocals on smush, an EP by Julian, a D.C. based bedroom pop band. Although, boys online employs lower, grizzly guitars with grumbly lyrical undertones of getting stuck in routines, pitying ourselves, and the internal distress we face on a daily basis. The EP closes with “total psycho,” a slower track, but likely the one that provides the most honest self-reflection. Reminiscing about the past, the vocalist sings: “It was in the summer when you let me go / listening to so much for the afterglow / left alone with my corroded ego / to be a total psycho to everyone that i know,” and “And it feels like my whole body is broken / I’ve o.d’ed on ibuprofen without you,” emphasizing the emotionally and physically crushing pain that comes with breakups. Life can throw the worst hurdles at you, but through unreleased demos, you can release that emotional baggage.


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Jenny Yu is a 19-year-old from Canada who studies media/film production and occasionally twinkles her omnichord in a band. Her favorite song to sing out loud is Believe by Cher. She loves pomegranates and the entire Planet Earth series. You can find her goofy self on instagram @can_i_get_a_yeehaw.