May 30, 2017

Stream: Prima - Performance

Stream the new EP from Prima.

There are moments on Prima's debut EP, Performance, that feel too massive to be contained by the constraints of speakers or headphones. There's the crescendo of scratching guitars on opener "Samba" that blend into the bursts of frustrated, ecstatic cries of "You only like me for me!" on follower "Master." Just when it feels like the music is about to blast through the limits of listening and ooze out into your eyes, Prima takes the tempo down for the assumed B-side – but she never lets go of the reigns of tension that make the EP so stunning. Prima is the musical project of artist Rose Blanshei, who has only one other release under that moniker – an album of demos dating back to 2013. Although it's been four long years since then, Performance holds the potential of finally elevating Prima to a household name. Blanshei pours every ounce of her being into the performance of this work. You can hear it in the power of her voice and the nontraditional arrangements that keep you hooked for the thirty-ish minute running time. Performance will be out in full on June 1st on Time Castle Recordings, but you can listen to the whole album below.


Listen to Prima on soundcloud.

Written by Emily Thompson