May 3, 2017

Premiere: Sharkmuffin - "Leather Gloves"

Sharkmuffin channels garage glam rock on their latest track.

Brooklyn’s Sharkmuffin is the musical embodiment of Whitman’s famous adage, “I contain multitudes.” Antithetical band name aside, the duo churns out slow-burning garage glam rock – like glitter dredged in hot, sticky tar. Today, we’re excited to premiere Sharkmuffin’s latest single, “Leather Gloves.”

Sharkmuffin is the project of Tarra Thiessen and Natalie Kirch, who self-describe as “sirens bred from the waves of the Jersey shore.” On “Leather Gloves,” the pair channels the Southern rhythm of “American Woman” and a bit of “How Soon Is Now?” tremolo. Kirch takes lead vocals on the track, with her Shirley Manson-like theatricality offsetting the gritty guitar effects. “I’m too dirty to love / Slip on my leather gloves,” she howls; it’s an all-too-relatable notion: feeling unlovable, mysterious, and glamorous all at once (it is Taurus season, after all). Thiessen and Kirch also enlist the help of Drew Adler on drums and Chris Nunez on guitar to create the maelstrom of rich distortion. Hypnotic and circuitous, “Leather Gloves” chugs along until a crescendo of “ahhh’s” just before decelerating into a swell of feedback. Sharkmuffin will release their sophomore album, Tsuki, on May 5 via Little Dickman Records. You can listen to the single below.

Natalie Kirch on "Leather Gloves":

"Without getting too specific, 'Leather Gloves' is about unrequited love and the feelings associated with that. It is the first song I have ever sang lead on for Sharkmuffin, I'm still working up the courage to sing it on stage but I promised my bandmates I'd premiere it live at our Tsuki record release! [May 3 @ Sunnyvale]."


 Listen to Sharkmuffin on bandcamp.

Written by Taylor Silver