May 31, 2017

LP: Hoop - Super Genuine

Seattle's Hoop takes each beat with tenderness and passion.

It's no surprise that Washington, specifically Seattle, has once again produced another stacked band. The only thing better than a golden trio is a power quad. With their first full length album Super Genuine, Hoop packs a punch into lo-fi soft rock. Every song on the LP is filled with tender personality, each one differing a bit from the next. I can imagine Hoop to be a band that would be featured in a concert scene in Twin Peaks, a little eerie but lovable nonetheless. It’s the perfect sort of spook, the one that keeps you on your toes without causing your heart to stop at any moment.

“Not By Care” follows on that note by taking a creepy turn, mixing lo-fi rock with a faded electronic background. For a moment, it seems a bit reminiscent of earlier Grimes - a call to the otherworldly while still remaining on the ground. “Marlin Spike" offers a contrasting lighthearted sound, dancing on the cusp of surf pop. The lyric “You're here to tell me you’re scared to lose me / You’re here to tell me you really need me” reminds me of many past relationships, an insightful sweet adolescence, like the same way sunscreen now smells in the summertime. We know it’s the same game, yet Hoop reminds us that we’ll fall into the trap over and over again. It's the nonstop cycle for every hopeless romantic. “Skiptracer” is dreamier than some of the other tracks, beginning with a buzz similar to a video game starting up. Guest collaborator and Seattle contemporary Briana Mariela sings, “Surrender yourself and at the same time explore yourself” - a good reminder in the face of self-doubt. Although the whole LP is beyond lovely, when this track ends, I find myself hitting the replay button. There’s something intoxicating about Hoop and Mariela’s croons and the other wavering sounds throughout the song. “Bask In Easy Tone” eases out of the album in a slow mellow lullaby, lulling the listener in and out of a daze. The best scene to sway along to Super Genuine is in a room filled with balloons, a disco ball, and all of my friends. The beauty of Hoop is that they make time pass so slowly while at the same time taking every beat with such tenderness and forceful passion.


Listen to Hoop on bandcamp.

Amelia Eskenazi is a feminist and gender studies and art student at Colorado College. In their free time, they enjoy collaging boxes, dying their hair at 2 am, and eating freeze pops in the shower. Their political pondering and rants can be found on Twitter and their photographic outbursts can be found on Instagram at a_eskenazi.