May 11, 2017

EP: BABY! - Pick Me

BABY! turns the warm, sweet parts of youth into perfect surf pop.

Maryland is a state that exemplifies the meaning of small but mighty. Home to not only Baltimore but other surprisingly vibrant suburbs such as Frostburg, the state is a constant hub of creative expression and new music. Frostburg is also the home base of Yellow K Records, the small label releasing music from rapidly rising artists such as Japanese Breakfast, gobbinjr, and soon-to-ascend BABY! While newbies to the surf pop style, BABY! makes it seem easy with their catchy beats and ear-hooking croons. BABY! is the enthusiastic moniker for Boston-via-Orlando artist Kaley Honeycutt, who had a presence in Orlando's DIY music scene before making her way into solo songwriting. BABY!'s first release provides the mid-week pick me up we all need. The album is perfectly short and sweet, with  extra jolts of energy added to spice things up.

Pick Me begins with “Home Sweet Home,” and its beat and tempo immediately lift the mood in the room. Something feels soft and familiar about the track, yet BABY! also provides a refreshing take on stereotypical surf pop, adding a kick to the beat. The second song, “Down to the Wire,” is the epitome of the song playing while you convene with friends at a small house party or get together in the dead of July or August. It’s perfect for dancing or swaying along to, while filling the air with a special sort of jubilant energy. When listening to Pick Me, I feel nostalgic. I can't help but imagine this as the retroactive soundtrack of my adolescence - messing around and giggling with friends, causing mischief in middle school, climbing trees, and swimming in grimy lakes in the Midwest. Final track "Back Up Plan" adds some grit to the overall sheen of the album, bringing to mind late nights as a teenager spent brooding in your bedroom. Although these times have passed and we all grow up, you'll always look back on them through fuzzy rose-colored glasses. This specific nostalgia fills BABY!'s music to the brim and is what makes Pick Me so special. I look forward to listening to this record even more when I venture back to those familiar places in these next few sticky but sweet months of summer.


Listen to BABY! on bandcamp


Amelia Eskenazi is a feminist and gender studies and art student at Colorado College. In their free time, they enjoy collaging boxes, dying their hair at 2 am, and eating freeze pops in the shower. Their political pondering and rants can be found on Twitter and their photographic outbursts can be found on Instagram at a_eskenazi.