April 10, 2017

Stream: Crusher - Ends

Stream Brooklyn-based Crusher's debut ENDS EP.

If you aren't already familiar with Crusher, they're a three-piece based in Brooklyn, NY, who are making their musical debut this week. Their first EP entitled ENDS officially releases on 4/14 via Gentle Reminder Records, but you can catch their release show in NY tonight. The initial conception for the project came when its guitarist Pier Harrison played at the Silent Barn's Residents' first 24 hour show back in 2015. Since then, they've expanded into somewhat of supergroup by adding Japanese Breakfast's Kat Casale on drums and Perfect Pussy's Ray McAndrews on bass (Aidan Weiss from Marge has since replaced Ray after the EP was recorded).

Today we're excited to premiere the first listen of ENDS in its entirety.  Recorded at David Blaine's the Steakhouse during two heatwaves last summer, the tracks on the album incorporate gritty distorted vocals and chalky acoustics for a heavy sound.  Listen to the EP and read what the band has to say on it below.

Pier Harrison on Crusher's ENDS EP:

"The apocalypse was on my mind when we wrote and recorded these songs and it still is more than ever, though in a very different way now. They were born out of different times of intense personal distress, each bearing unique ways of coping with chaos, Sisyphean pressures at work and in relationships, and moments when the bottom drops out. Even when we recorded at an air-condition-less DBTS last summer, there was a heatwave in Brooklyn, and the suffocation in the air felt appropriate.

Crusher has been a band since 2015 but it had always felt more important to play shows than record music, so these are our first mastered recordings. We made demos of “Nerves of Steel” and “Destruction” before, but one song that is entirely new on this EP is “Finger Trap.” I wrote it on a bus that I almost missed after running four avenues across town in the bitter cold, en route to play a show in Philly last year. I texted my bandmates and asked if they would be open to trying something new at the beginning of our set that night. They were, and when we got onstage we improvised our way through the song, with me still winded from my Hail Mary down W. 34th Street. The song only really took its final shape on this recording though. It was important for us to make it sound monolithic and volcanic, and finishing it in the recording process with Gem allowed us to kind of sculpt the layers of feedback into the way we perform the song now. It's about restlessness. The lyrics describe this weird toxic cycle that alternates between overloading yourself with material responsibilities, then casting them off as a means of liberation just to feel that sweet void of starting fresh, and doing it all over again. Recognizing that this comes from a desire to change, the answer paradoxically is to do less and learn to be comfortable hanging in a gentle, nihilistic equilibrium. At least I think that’s what the answer is, and maybe other people will consider that a helpful way of thinking.

The title ‘ENDS’ doesn’t refer directly to any of the lyrics, but evokes both ideas of finality/mortality, and goals/achievements. I have been thinking of it as a verb without a subject. Structurally, we tend to focus on outros when we are writing, and closing things after drawing them out, but the songs also have a lot of tension and themes of things hanging in the air, or not having solid footing so ENDS felt like complimentary way to ground them. I also just like the idea of finishing something. I think in creative projects people seldom feel like their work is done, so it can be a gift to yourself to put a cap on something and say that it’s done."


Written by Diana Cirullo