April 19, 2017

Stream: Crooked Bangs - II

Stream the dark sophomore album from Crooked Bangs.

The album artwork for Crooked Bangs’ II is straight out of a Victorian séance or a Dario Argento film; it depicts a spooky, red-hued figure hidden under a white sheet. It’s disconcerting and hard to make out all the details, but that's just on-brand for the "dark punk noir" band. The Austin trio includes Leda Ginestra on vocals/bass, Samantha Wendel on guitar, and Phillip Gonzalez on drums. Today we’re excited to premiere Crooked Bangs' sophomore LP, II.

Album art aside, there’s something inherently cinematic about II. It busts wide open with “We Are Gold,” a forceful and infernal track best paired with a car chase scene. Track two, “Rabbit Hole,” positions Leda Ginestra’s vocals as the driving force of the record, elevating it to avant-punk. Ginestra’s low register manifests into a hellish Wiccan chant, with a gothic vibrato similar to Chelsea Wolfe and Siouxsie Sioux (“Out”). And for good measure, her monotony is punctuated by killer '70s punk screeches (“Baudelaire”). Wendell and Gonzalez provide the score for Ginestra’s bilingual singing (she howls in both French and English), supplying gritty, industrial bass lines (“Le Phenix”) and frenetic cymbals (“Suspendu”) to help keep us uneasy. “Blood Tableau”  is a distorted send-off that tapers off into a cloud of feedback, much like quickening your pace on a dark street until you sigh in relief that you've made it home safe. II comes out April 21st via Nervous Intent Records and you can pre-order the album here. In the meantime, stream it below and hold a séance of your own.

Leda Ginestra on II:

The record was written in a dark time for me personally, in quite literally the worst days of my life. I lost my father, and I was coming out of a long stretch of being a pretty severe alcoholic. Much of the subject matter, in the lyrics, reflects that massive, soul-crushing depression. It was my catharsis, my therapy, the only truly healthy way to cut that mental rot out.

 Sam Wendel on II:

I’m thrilled to have this record finally coming out. We’ve been working on it in some way or another for the past three years. After three studio attempts we were finally able to achieve the sound we were looking for. The whole process of working on II, from the song writing to the album art, has been as exhausting as it has been exciting but how can I expect anyone else to care about something if I didn't want to kill myself at least once or twice during the process of creating it?" 


Crooked Bangs Tour Dates:
4/27 Austin, TX @ Beerland (album release show)
5/18 Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas
5/20 El Paso, TX @ Monarch
5/21 Phoenix, AZ @ The Lunchbox
5/23 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
5/24 Los Angeles, CA @ Star Bar
5/25 Oakland, CA @ Octopus Literary Salon
5/26 San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock
5/28 Seattle, WA @ Georgetown Liquor Company
5/29 Portland, OR @ Black Water
5/31 Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records
6/1 Denver, CO @ TBA
6/2 Kansas City, MO @ Blind Tiger
6/3 St. Louis, MO @ TBA
6/4 Oklahoma City, OK @ TBA

Listen to Crooked Bangs on bandcamp.

Written by Taylor Silver