April 26, 2017

Premiere: Strange Parts - "Strawbridge's"

Stream Strange Parts' whimsical new track "Strawbridge's."

Strange Parts was conceived when Attia Taylor shared a memory with Corey Duncan from across the country via text message. The memory was of a time when she received a giant bag of pennies from her grandmother after riding a carousel in Strawbridge's department store on her 7th birthday. Corey enthusiastically sent his percussion ideas over and Attia added on her best improvised vocals. The two emailed back and forth, plane tickets were booked, and thus a band was born.

We're excited to premiere their first collaboration "Strawbridge's" – it's an energetic experimental song that takes its listeners on a whimsical ride. The track will find its home on their upcoming debut album Oh God, What a Beautiful Time I Spent In the Wild produced by Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile/War on Drugs). Listen to the song below and look out for Strange Parts' new album coming out soon.


Written by Diana Cirullo