April 13, 2017

Premiere: Leor Miller - "Who Left the Seat Up"

Listen to a new song off Leor Miller's upcoming album.

One day, we'll look back on Leor Miller's prolific catalog and be able to trace her ascendance. The Bard College student is one of those artists whose bandcamp page is bursting with albums that range from the traditional to the more absurd, such as the one-track it's all ogre now, which features a stunned Shaq as the art. But looking past Miller's shining humor is an unbelievably raw talent that's only become more distinguished over time. For an artist operating on their own, Miller can breathe life into fully blossomed songs, whether they're warped acoustic ballads or bouncy synth-fueled tracks. Her discography also acts as physical evidence as someone trying to figure out and parse through their identity. For anyone struggling with an issue that can feel extremely isolating, Miller offers a place of solace and gentle guidance to some kind of eventual resolution.

On 4/20, Miller will be making her official label debut with the upcoming Soft Focus off Really Rad Records. Miller describes the album as the most experimental yet, but "Who Left the Seat Up" finds Miller at her hazy nineties-inspired best. The song comes off like a blown up Duster or Eric's Trip track and slices through you as she drawls and repeats the titular question. There's still seven long days until Soft Focus is out, but you can listen to the track below and pre-order the record here.

Leor Miller on Soft Focus:

"Soft Focus was recorded during a long period of disorientation. I felt like I really had no idea of what was happening, with current events and personal struggle swirling around my head in this strange, untraceable pattern. I found myself having trouble focusing on one thing, bouncing from activity to activity, song to song, idea to idea, and so Soft Focus turned into a project that I spent more time on than any project I had done before it. The title relates back to the theme of disorientation, conscious but with blurred vision which shifts from subject to subject, like a photograph with a vague focal point that causes the viewer’s eye to never quite fixate on a specific aspect of the whole. On this album, I made a point of trying to incorporate textures, loops, and sampling, for the most part using live-recorded instruments to do so, and drawing from a variety of influences from 90s hip-hop to shoegaze to strange videos I found on YouTube. The end result is, in my opinion, my most 'experimental' album to date, and I’m really excited to be working with my very sweet friend Garty from Really Rad Records to put Soft Focus out on 4/20!"

Listen to Leor Miller on bandcamp.

Photo by Nat Tereshchenko 

Written by Emily Thompson