April 20, 2017

Premiere: DUMP HIM - "What's Yr Deal With Kim?"

DUMP HIM's new song is a meditation on finding your own safe spaces.

My friend Jane has a weekly newsletter called Take Action + Take Care — it’s a medley of current events, information on nonprofits to donate to, recipes, music recommendations, and Jia Tolentino pieces that make my heart swell. Finding a TA+TC in my inbox is one of few guiding lights helping me navigate *gesturing broadly* all of this. I read the latest issue while listening to DUMP HIM's new single "What's Yr Deal With Kim?," which was fitting as the track offers up self-care remedies for when you're feeling most despondent.

DUMP HIM, a pop-punk queercore trio, is comprised of Jaclyn Walsh (guitar/vocals), ZoĆ« Wyner (bass/backing vocals), and Larz Brogan (drums/backing vocals). Today we’re excited to premiere “What’s Yr Deal With Kim?,” a meditation on carving out your own safe spaces — whether it be in the form of a listening ear or blasting Bruce Springsteen and The Amps. Walsh also manages to seek refuge in the routine; “Let the sadness decay and watch the rain fall down / Listen to Pacer ’till the end and turn the record back around” is the song’s final line, a powerful testament to the healing powers of Kim Deal. DUMP HIM will release their debut LP, Venus in Gemini, on May 26th via Disposable America and Anxiety Pop. You can pre-order the record here.

Jaclyn Walsh on “What’s Yr Deal With Kim?”:

"it’s hard and disappointing to watch yr friends who talk big, radical talk drop the ball when it’s time to call in/call out people in our own communities. this song is about watching that go down with close friends, and constantly having to reach out to friends elsewhere for advice and support. processing with my bff and listening to springsteen and kim deal bands on repeat is what kept me afloat and not feeling way TOO crazy this fall."


DUMP HIM Tour Dates:
SUNDAY, MAY 14 @ NEW PLANET, PHILLY PA w/ baby!, young buffy, most selfless cheerleeder, susie derkins
TUESDAY, MAY 16 @ SILENT BARN, BROOKLYN NY w/ anna altman / snakeskin / fern mayo
WEDNESDAY, MAY 17 @ SPIT FAM HOUSE, SYRACUSE NY w/ benjaminto / dog math
THURSDAY, MAY 18 @ MAHALL’S, LAKEWOOD OH w/ heavenly creatures / forager
SUNDAY, MAY 21 @ THE PHARMACY, PHILLY PA w/ control top / maxi’s world / + tba
WEDNESDAY, MAY 24 @ ZONE 3, ALLSTON MA (RECORD RELEASE SHOW) w/ aye nako / heavy pockets / brittle brian

Listen to DUMP HIM on bandcamp.

Written by Taylor Silver