April 17, 2017

Premiere: Anna Altman - "American Gothic"

Check out a new song from Turnip King side project Anna Altman.

If you look up the name Anna Altman, the primary search results include a prominent journalist and a young woman who died in the Triangle Factory Fire. But a little further down, you'll come across a bandcamp with a single crackly demo titled "The Interview." The song charmingly meanders and fumbles for almost five minutes, with lilting drums and vocals that bring to mind nineties-era Cat Power. It's unclear which Anna Altman inspired the name of the new-ish musical project of Lucia Arias and Christian Billard of Turnip King. But the duo is definitely set to make their mark and climb the ranks of Google searches in only a matter of time.

Although Anna Altman has been playing shows around the East Coast and Bard College for the last year, they'll be making their official debut on Exploding in Sound next week. Freightleiner will also act as the introduction to the EIS Tape Club, a new subscription service from the label that delivers a new album every other month. Today, you can hear another new song from the upcoming LP titled "American Gothic." Arias and Billard take a step back from the psychedelia that influences Turnip King for a sound that's a little darker and more organic. "American Gothic" calls to mind long trips on trains (calling back to the album title), gray skies against empty tree branches. The duo sound in tune with the Earth with the stripped, unsteady drums and guitar that first appeared on "The Interview." Listen to the track below and queue it up for your next trip on the open road.


Listen to Anna Altman on soundcloud.

Written by Emily Thompson