April 12, 2017

LP: Sneaks - It's a Myth

Sneaks continues to bulldoze genre barriers on their latest album. 

Hailing from Washington D.C., home to a surprisingly vibrant experimental music scene, comes Eva Moolchan’s solo project: Sneaks. Sneaks pushes beyond conventional boxes, mixing synth tracks with spoken chants and mantras alongside a conglomeration of house tempos and post-punk beats. While it’s only been six months since her last release, Gymnastics, the wait for It’s a Myth has felt like eternity. In an age when taking chances could make or break one’s career, very few artists make the high stakes jump. For Sneaks, these leaps of faith are as easy and common as a twenty second synth interval between two songs on It's a Myth.

Moolchan's music goes beyond boundaries of punk vs. post-punk, electronic vs. experimental. I find myself constantly surprised when listening to Sneaks, never quite knowing what will come next. Her ability to move through a soundscape is exhilarating and raw, allowing the listener to experience a variance of sounds with every listen. It’s a Myth is almost like a compilation of songs that interact with each other but also exist on their own. The album begins with “Inside Edition,” as Moolchan speaks over a futuristic house tempo. The lyrics, “Inside edition here’s some news for you...Get away with the formula / I give away the formula,” confront the looping synth beat underneath. Despite Moolchan's gravitation towards experimentation, she maintains total control. “Daffodils” sounds like a lighter, re-imagined version of an intro to an arcade game while "Future" wraps up the album with a return to Sneaks’ spoken word roots. Unlike most of the album, her voice guides the song once again through manipulated voice overlays and chants. The repetition of “sea shells / seashells by the sea” is reminiscent of childhood tongue twisters and recess games. Moolchan has a tendency to infuse a playful youthfulness in her music - it's apparent in the appearance of childhood chants as well as nostalgic song titles such as “PBNJ” or “With a Cherry on Top.”

Her minimalism, however, remains a constant throughout the album. Despite the fluctuation in soundscapes that takes place within It’s a Myth, it's never overwhelming or sporadic. Instead, the mixed bags of sounds upholds Moolchan’s fast-paced eclectic sound that was present in Gymnastics as well. While that release revolved more around her spoken word process, It’s a Myth delves deeper into the process of repetitive synth samples. Each song exists in its own sound galaxy, combining highs and lows in crisp, innovative ways. But the dynamism in It’s a Myth is its ability to come off cohesively without following a specific pattern. Listeners are forced to relinquish control to Moolchan as she leads us through her various galactic soundscapes. Sneaks’ persistent shift in tone and beat packs a punch within its running time of eighteen minutes. It’s a Myth breaks barriers in its daring and versatile sound. With this album, Moolchan reminds us all that experimentation can lead to an intoxicating freshness—one that we should all strive for.


Listen to Sneaks on bandcamp.


Amelia Eskenazi is a feminist and gender studies and art student at Colorado College. In their free time, they enjoy collaging boxes, dying their hair at 2 am, and eating freeze pops in the shower. Their political pondering and rants can be found on Twitter and their photographic outbursts can be found on Instagram at a_eskenazi.