March 14, 2017

Video: Joey Nebulous - "Taylor Swift"

Joey Nebulous' video for "Taylor Swift" will brighten even the snowiest of days.

Joey Nebulous is a blossoming five-piece indie pop project that currently resides at Oberlin College. The band’s vocalist, Joseph Farago, writes songs with lo-fi pop origins but with an added dose of humor. Farago covers everyday encounters such as texting, dancing to pop music in elevators, and crushing on someone else’s boyfriend. Joey Nebulous first started recording music back in 2015 and has since expanded to a live project that creates music that's fun, infectious, and endlessly repeatable. Farago externalizes his emotions into short and tender etchings that soar over synth-pop melodies. He writes with sincerity while playing with a dose of levity.

On the track “Taylor Swift,” Farago relates to Swift’s relationship struggles, “I like boys and so does she, but they always wanna leave me.” It’s the perfect pop song with a quick chop of sunny guitars and slight nod to eighties nostalgia. In the music video, artist Ellie Tremayne creates lively scenes in which animated shapes float in and out of screen. Cheery streaks of keyboards blend with colorful configurations and bright textures. The video creates a distinct universe of childlike doodles that move freely and create a beautiful symmetry with the musical arrangements. Shapes, squiggles, and dots constantly move and transform, reminiscent of Yayoi Kusama textured illustrations. The song builds into a towering crescendo that will lift up your spirits and leave you feeling “happy as a boy could be dancing to Taylor Swift with your best friend.”


Listen to Joey Nebulous on bandcamp.


Abbie Jones, who will sing along to every Liz Phair song at karaoke by heart and is always down to get milkshakes past midnight. When she isn't writing about music, she is playing drums in her band or hosting shows in her backyard.