March 31, 2017

Premiere: The Total Bettys - "Stay Here All Night"

Stream The Total Bettys' new track "Stay Here All Night."

Every now and again, I get flashbacks to my freshman year self sheepishly navigating gettys, keggers, ragers — or as human adults refer to them: parties. Once I ordered a Jimmy John’s sub to a house party and ate it in the bathroom. Another time I was so anxious I did the dishes in a stranger’s kitchen. Fortunately The Total Bettys have graced us with “Stay Here All Night”, an anthem exclusively for introverts. For a song about finding love in the throes of social anxiety, the track is brash and upbeat — with punchy tom-toms that never let up and a frenetic, power pop riff. Meanwhile, songwriter Maggie Grabmeier guides us through drunkenly striking out at a bar and being “lonely for one night only.” 

San Francisco’s The Total Bettys is comprised of Maggie Grabmeier (vocals/guitar), guitarist Bri Barrett, Chris Nolasco (drums), and ChloĆ© Lee (bass). The queer pop punk quartet will release their full-length LP, Peach, on May 12th. But until then, stream “Stay Here All Night” below.

The Total Bettys on “Stay Here All Night” and Peach:

“Stay Here All Night” is an introvert's take on how it feels to go to a party. There are so many pop songs out there about how fun it is to be social, have too many drinks, meet a cutie at the bar... but for me, going out and being chatty is kind of terrifying. Often when I convince myself to go out to a social event, I spend most of my time basically staring at cool people and trying my hardest to muster up the courage to talk to them.  

Our upcoming album Peach is all about confronting what it means to fit in, be a good partner, and take care of your own mental and emotional health. The album deals heavily in the fear of messing things up, but tucked between the declarations of awkwardness is sincerity about the importance of friendship, vulnerability, and expressing compassion.  


Listen to The Total Bettys here. Preorder Peach here.

 Written by Taylor Silver