March 27, 2017

Premiere: FURORE - "Dust"

Listen to a shimmering new song from Roxy Brennan's solo project.

Spring is a time for firsts, and what better way to exemplify those first wonderful weeks of the season than a new song from pop overachiever Roxy Brennan. You might already be familiar with Brennan's work from her involvement with Joanna Gruesome, Trust Fund, TOWEL, and Two White Cranes. “Dust” is one of few songs we’ve heard from Brennan’s newest project, FURORE, and it’s as springtime and shimmery as you’d hope a DIY solo project would be. Funneling back guitars under drum machine syncopations, Brennan’s focus here is mostly on her voice and lyrical repetitions. “Dust” also marks a first release for the new Bleak Spring label, and we can’t wait to hear more. Read Brennan’s statement about "Dust" below and check out the new track along with an adorable accompanying video.

Roxy Brennan on "Dust":

"I started making these songs in the car when I was on tour with my band TOWEL and I realised I could use garageband to make music without annoying anyone. I often feel the most creative when I’m in a moving vehicle so this was a really useful realisation. I finished making the ep and added the vocals over the summer/autumn of 2016. Most of the songs aren’t about things in the way songs I’ve written before are. They are more of an attempt to use words and music together to create a feeling or an impression."


Listen to FURORE on bandcamp.


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