March 13, 2017

Premiere: Frankie Goes on a Walk - "Been Dreaming"

Listen to the first single from Baltimore's Frankie Goes on a Walk.

One obstacle in creating bedroom pop is its inherent claustrophobia; it can be difficult creating a rich wall of sound with tangled mic chords on your desk and a shoddy interface that makes crackling noises — all the while not disturbing your roommates’ sleep schedule. Fortunately, Baltimore-based band Frankie Goes on a Walk does not have this issue of confinement. As the solo folk pop project of Gabrielle Franks, FGOAW offers a lush dreamscape of vocal harmonies, transcending the bedroom only to float somewhere above it.

Today we’re excited to premiere FGOAW’s lead single “Been Dreaming,” off the band’s upcoming LP, Songs About Kyle. “Been Dreaming” opens with a hazy riff reminiscent of “Kiss Me,” before spilling out into Franks’ swirling one-woman choir. Songs About Kyle will be released March 17th via Bangkok Blend. Listen to “Been Dreaming” below.

Gabrielle Franks on "Been Dreaming":

"an album written and recorded over the span of almost one full year! i hope you listen with perspective and then leave me alone when you're done listening."


Listen to Frankie Goes on a Walk on bandcamp

Written by Taylor Silver