March 22, 2017

Premiere: Boy Scouts - "July 9 2015"

Watch Boy Scouts' sweet and sentimental new video.

Back at the tail end of last summer, we premiered the first single from Boy Scout's 2016 album, titled "July 9 2015." Taylor Vick, the California-based artist behind Boy Scouts, revealed that it was written after she graduated college and experienced that dreaded "what do I do now?" feeling. This message isn't initially obvious in Vick's soothing acoustic strums and tinkering piano. But you can sense an undercurrent of nerves when she closes with, "A book you misread / The opposite of dead / New but stale bread / Was it something I said?"

The video accompaniment of "July 9 2015" is like a visual antidote to the anxiety that originally inspired the song. It was shot on Vick's old VHS camera, which was used to film all of her family's past home movies. The camera was revived to capture various scenes in Vick's life - sunset-soaked drives, sharing beers with friends in dive bars, and exploring suburban woods and beaches. The video is a sequence of moments that you would use to calm yourself down in life's many stressful moments. It's a reminder of the beautiful simplicity of life, like friends who can always make you giggle and skies that turn into the most unnatural shades of red and violet. The very, very last scene finds Vicks filming herself in the mirror, looking goofy but giddy in sunglasses while enthusiastically waving to herself and the audience. It's one final reassurance that you're going to be okay, no matter how weird you may feel right now. 


Listen to Boy Scouts on bandcamp.

Photo by Rachel McCord

Written by Emily Thompson