February 9, 2017

Premiere: Sad Baxter - "The Drip"

Watch Sad Baxter don Frank-inspired papier-mâché heads 
and crowd surf in their new music video for "The Drip."

According to lore (the band’s Facebook bio), Alex Mojaverian and Deezy Youngdahl met when “Deezy left a note on Alex’s door because she had no friends.” After becoming friends, dating, and breaking up, the Nashville duo decided they’re best suited to churn out melodic sludge pop as Sad Baxter. Their LP Weirdy was released back in July, but today they’re back with the music video for their single, “The Drip.” 

“The Drip” starts as a slow burn until Alex’s crashing drums enter, akin to a subtle nose bleed that forms into a full-blown gusher. And speaking of messes, guitarist/vocalist Deezy tries to work through hating someone you still love; an ambivalence with a caveat: “But I can’t watch you go be/with someone other than me.” Though fuzzy distortion is the unofficial third member of the band, Deezy’s dynamic register is at the forefront here — a cocktail of Kim Deal breathiness and the guttural grit of Kim Shattuck.

Watch below as Deezy and Alex don Frank-inspired papier-mâché heads and crowd surf.

Deezy on "The Drip":
"I think the chorus says it all. Sometimes we feel conflicted by how we continue to desire people after they have wronged us. The song itself is about admiring someone for the unattached life they lead, yet seething at them over that exact same thing. In the video we wanted to comically play up the feeling we all sometimes get, like you’re banging your head against the wall to put your work out there and it feels like no one cares. Then, to add to your sense of defeat, you see someone else doing a lesser version of what you were trying to do, and they’re achieving success. It’s negative for sure, but being able to joke about it in our art helps. In our ideal music-video world we end up coming out on top. We can dream right?!"


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Written by Taylor Silver