February 16, 2017

Premiere: Pie Face Girls - "Fuck You I'm Pretty"

Watch Pie Face Girls give the finger to the government in their new video.

The acronym HB2 might sound innocuous enough, but if you're unfamiliar with the term, its actual one of the most horrifying government attacks on gender equality in recent memory. HB2 is better known as North Carolina's Bathroom Bill, which restricts citizens to only using bathrooms that apply to their assigned birth sex. HB2 has caused an uproar across the nation and luckily, many residents of North Carolina are actively fighting against it. Raleigh-based trio Pie Face Girls also decided to take matters into their own hands with their new video for "Fuck You I'm Pretty."

The bluntly-titled track is a punk rallying cry that's ten thousand percent necessary when our rights are under fire. The band first appears in casual clothing before finding bathrooms across Raleigh and getting progressively glammed up. They don dark lipstick and aggressively winged eyeliner all while cramming into one stall regardless of their gender, giving a metaphorical and literal middle finger to HB2. The video culminates in a dance party and an early morning diner run, proving that being empowered is the best sort of fun. Pie Face Girl's upcoming record, Formative Years, will be released on Negative Fun Records and you can pre-order it here. Watch the video below and make sure to listen to "Fuck You I'm Pretty" the next time you decide to get dolled up and tell oppressive forces to fuck off.

Pie Face Girls on "Fuck You I'm Pretty":

"With the passing of HB2 in North Carolina, we thought it was important to publicly denounce such a hateful and senseless bill. Using several Raleigh bathrooms as our backdrop, the 'Fuck You I'm Pretty' video was a way for us to spread a message of belonging and give a big F-U to a government that thought they could discriminate against our trans brothers and sisters and get away with it. It is our anthem of rebellion."


Listen to Pie Face Girls on bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson