February 17, 2017


Listen to a bewitching new track from PASTEL GHOST.

Upon first listen, PASTEL GHOST sounds like the manifestation of a spell that was cast in the depths of a late night warehouse party. But in reality, PASTEL GHOST is the moniker of Brooklyn-via-Oakland artist Vivian Moon, who has been producing bewitching dreamrave synth songs for the last four years. Since 2013, Moon has continued to show off her insane ability to create lush soundscapes that are equally fitting for a dark dance hall or brooding in your bedroom. Moon's lyrics are often too intertwined with the beat to be discernible, but she has the unique power to evoke emotion through her production. It's clear when Moon wants you to mindlessly lose yourself in the trance of a song, or when she wants you to feel something deeper and darker, even slightly sinister.

"POSSESSION" is PASTEL GHOST's first release since 2015 and is coming out ahead of her journey to SXSW this spring. The track follows in a similar vein of her previous work, but with an extra injection of nineties dance vibes. "POSSESSION" flawlessly matches the aesthetic that Moon has paired with it, all blurry hot pink and rich blue with the menacing addition of a gleaming pocket knife. It's the kind of song that should only emerge post-3 a.m. when the night takes a turn for the surreal. Listen to "POSSESSION" below and make sure to throw it on at whatever party you're at way too late this weekend.


3/5/17 ~ The Gateway / Brooklyn, NY
3/16/17 ~ Holodeck Records Showcase @ SXSW / Hotel Vegas / Austin, TX
4/21/17 ~ Piano's / New York, NY

Listen to PASTEL GHOST on soundcloud

Written by Emily Thompson