February 7, 2017

Premiere: Lyrie and the Duckies - "Campus Lust Song"

Get ready for Valentine's Day with Lyrie and the Duckies' "Campus Lust Song."

If you weren't already aware, Lyris Faron (1/5 of our favorite band T-Rextasy) has her own solo project in the works. Lyrie and the Duckies make their debut on The Le Sigh today with a romantic and raunchy tune entitled "Campus Lust Song." The slow, sultry track sets itself apart from past T-Rextasy material with hints of country twang and starry-eyed lines like "You are my dreams materialized / You are a love song in the flesh / You got your parts and I got mine / So come on, darling, I know you can make me feel fine."

Brooklyn-based label Birdtapes will be releasing "Campus Lust Song" as a digital single and a Valentine's Day postcard. Each postcard comes with a download code – you can either mail the song to someone, have them mail it for you, or keep it for yourself. Listen to the swoon-worthy song below and then order it for your crush here.

Lyris Faron on "Campus Lust Song":
"I tried to capture how it feels to be completely enamored, consumed, and magnetically attracted to a stranger. This occurs before you discover that they too are a flawed, smelly mortal or maybe that you two are fundamentally incompatible. What follows is the utter destruction of your soul when it seems that they reject you, when in reality they seriously maybe just didn't see you in the cafeteria."


Listen to Lyrie and the Duckies on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo