February 2, 2017

Premiere: gobbinjr - "bb gurl"

Watch the new video for gobbinjr's "bb gurl" before the re-release of manalang.

gobbinjr’s debut record manalang first graced us with its presence summer of 2015. With the catchiness of a toddler’s sing-a-long CD, you wouldn’t expect images of death, defecation, and candy apples filled with razor blades to be scattered throughout the LP. But Emma Witmer sells it perfectly, complete with an omnichord and a guileless vocal delivery — like the dream pop baby of Kimya Dawson and Dear Nora. For Wisconsin-native and NYC-transplant Witmer, discordance is what makes gobbinjr work.

Today we’re excited to premiere the lyric video for manalang’s third track, “bb gurl.” The video begins with a sock puppet narrator sweetly singing, “Last night I dreamt your girlfriend died.” Witmer’s nonchalance here is striking, but for some reason the lyric, “Now it’s time to do the chore and come back to my dreams,” is the most terrifying prospect; that the person you love can only truly be yours in REM. But it’s not all bleak, as passing subway trains, clouds, and a dancing Flip the Frog pop in to provide some levity. Yellow K Records is re-releasing manalang on cassette February 17th. Watch the lyric video for “bb gurl” below.

Emma Witmer on "bb gurl":

"When gobbinjr was just a baby band, the original lineup was made up of my friends from NYU, where I was studying music at the time. Yuki Soga, the original gob gang keyboardist, is going to school for film. After Yuki and drummer Santi Hervella left the band, I still wanted to work with Yuki on a different platform because I knew he's great at what he does. I asked him to make a lyric video for "bb gurl" and essentially gave him full control over what it would look like- he blew me away once again. I feel like the attention to detail and overall dedication to his work really goes well with how I go about doing my work, so it makes me really proud to have a lyric video made by him." 


Listen to gobbinjr on bandcamp.

Written by Taylor Silver