February 21, 2017

Premiere: Band Practice - "I Want You"

Get a taste of Band Practice and Catherine Cohen's upcoming live album.

Jeanette Wall, who you may better know as the mastermind of Miscreant Records and music project Band Practice, is one of the funniest people I have the pleasure of knowing IRL. One time we watched the Lizzie McGuire Movie and I barely remember the plot because she was making me laugh too much. Comedian Catherine Cohen is one of the funniest people I've had the pleasure of listening to on the Internet when I was feeling bored at work. Seriously, this reading of her poems got me a lot of strange looks from my office mates. Back in early 2016, the real-life-BFF duo joined forces to put on a fusion music and comedy set at Silent Barn. The performance was recorded and is set to come out on JMC Aggregate as the debut of the label's new project bringing friends together for collaborative performances. We're excited to share a song from Band Practice's side of the cassette, the extremely quick and endearing "I Want You." The album will officially be out on March 3rd and if you're in New York you can attend the extremely stacked release show. But that's not all - we also asked Wall and Cohen a few questions and you can read their hot takes on the funniest twitters and the biggest fashion trends of 2017 below.

TLS: How did you originally come up with the concept of a joint live album?

Jeanette Wall: With Miscreant, I always wanted to do a comedy album. I tried a couple times but it never quite came together. So when Jordan asked us about this, I immediately took to it. I think the concept is really special.

Catherine Cohen: It was Jordan's idea! We had all been doing some music/comedy shows with the New American Comedy collective and they were always very fun so when Jordan brought it up I was like.....hell ya.

TLS: Catherine, which of Jeanette's songs is your favorite? Jeanette, which of Catherine's bits is your favorite?

JW: Catherine has never not made me laugh. Even when we're crying, we're laughing. I think her poems are what I always tell people about when describing her comedy - the way she writes is similar to lyrics of my favorite songs. Finding a small tiny detail in the everyday to relate to the rest of the world, specifically taking a shit after drinking a cold brew. Genius.

CC: O dang. All of Jeanette's songs are perfect/hit too close to home, but I think my favorite is the first one I heard - "bartending at silent barn." The lyrics speak to me because I've never walked into a venue in my whole life and been like "COOL I feel comfortable and perfect and beloved by all" but that's just...life~

TLS: Who is the funniest person you follow on Twitter? What was the funniest thing you ever tweeted? 

JC: Objectively, Cher. But @gracethomaslive gives me my life every single day with her #truth. Definitely follow her. And truth be told, 80% of what I use twitter for is to just marvel at my creative mind. This tweet of mine is the most underrated. But this tweet of mine is the best.

CC: O my GOD that is tough. Right now, I'm obsessed with Joe Castle Baker's twitter...I just sit alone and scroll and laugh in my room like a good normal lady. All of my tweets are without flaw, but there are some very dumb ones that make me laugh in particular like "my cum is a balsamic reduction" or topical ones like "im hozier."

TLS: Whose instagram account are you the most envious of? 

JW: @christianjoycostumes

CC:............everyone is hot and also 15 and also in tru love with their body? so I'm constantly spiraling. I like to soothe myself with the @cabinporn insta.  

TLS: If you had to appear on any reality show, which would you pick and why?

JW: I want to be a judge on Snatch Game.

CC: Remember "The Swan?" LOL not that one. Hmm one of the shows that has to do with cake? Luv cake!

TLS: Unfortunately, many NYC institutions are disappearing - which would you resurrect if you had the power to? 

JW: FAO Schwartz. Thankful that Shea is still standing strong

CC: Does FAO Schwartz count?? Want to dance on the big piano ::)

TLS: What do you predict will be the biggest fashion trend for 2017? 

JW: Laying down.

CC: Natural hair!! Rock what you have bitch! No more flat irons, no more patriarchy. Also people are horny for a cropped pant and honestly? I love it!


Listen to Band Practice and Catherine Cohen on soundcloud and pre-order the album here.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Written by Emily Thompson