February 27, 2017

LP: Dude York - Sincerely

Dude York exudes confidence on their latest rapid-paced record.

Sincerely, the latest from Dude York, is a rapid-paced album about acting like you’re tough even when nothing seems to be going your way. This resilience bubbles close to the surface while the Seattle trio experiments with different styles on each track, trying on eighties glam in “Black Track” and pop punk in “Something in the Way.” The band, with Peter Richards on guitar and vocals, Claire England on bass and vocals, and Andrew Hall on drums, revels in the strange, adolescent feeling of overconfidence mixed with self-consciousness.

On “Paralyzed,” heartache provides the perfect material to parade just how fun complaining can be. Richards, reminiscent of The Killer’s front man Brandon Flowers, coolly delivers his grievances without coming across as whiny. His stance is unwavering, insistent on the severity of its own melodrama. Richards passive aggressively spits out, “Since you’ve been gone all I do is hesitate,” like it’s no big deal, but his tone tells us that it really is. We get a taste of bass player Claire England’s voice on “Tonight” and “Love Is,” and it’s a shame we don’t get more of it. Though not as showy of a performance as Richards’, England’s vocals capture the unapologetic toxicity of the lyrics. She finds a perfect balance of vulnerability and toughness in the words, “I can’t help it if I like him / It’s the chemistry we thrive in” on “Love Is.” The album ends with Dude York’s final experiment, the folk ballad complete with acoustic guitar, “Time’s Not on My Side.” It’s on this track that Richard’s sings what would be Sincerely’s tagline if it were a movie; exuding with Kanye-esque confidence, “What doesn’t kill you can’t be trying that hard.”


Listen to Dude York on bandcamp.

Ana Bauer is a frizzy-haired girl and student at Bard College who tweets from @anadelray when she isn’t talking about Twitter in real life.