February 28, 2017


Air out all of your frustrations with CAKEFIGHT's new 7".

Melbourne-based garage rockers CAKEFIGHT, made up of Andrew Porter and Vanessa Morris, released a fast and ferocious EP back in late January. The duo’s work was recorded, mixed, and mastered at the aptly named Fuzz City way across the pond in Austin, Texas, by Matthew Melton. The quick and wailing guitars are paired with loud and steady drums along with anthemic vocals that project much more power than you would think that just the two could conjure. Immediately add this album to your collection of loud, thrashing, cathartic music that you require on especially angsty days.

Three short songs are crammed onto side A alone, giving this 7" a lot of bang for your buck. “Sucks Under This Sun” evokes the feeling of wanting to escape a situation but not being able to; something sucks, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Lamenting for just a quick minute and a half, Porter’s raspy voice invites a sing-a-long while moshing out your frustration. These are the songs that you can dance to, to gain some motivation and air your grievances. “When can we get high?” they ask on “Who Are You” and when can we? When do we get to finally relax? Side B’s “Work So Hard” fits so well with the political climate in the U.S. at the moment it’s uncanny - it's hard to believe that the duo is actually miles away from our state of affairs. We’ve all worked so hard to see such little payout. Protesting, calling, writing letters, and emailing seems to have made little difference while the hits keep coming. Hell, even voting didn’t work. Screaming that we worked so hard, but we’re not going to give up. With both disheartening and uplifting sentiments, this EP packs it all in and is over far too soon.


Listen to CAKEFIGHT on bandcamp.

Kat Harding is a music publicist living in Nashville, TN, with her loud kitty cat Goose. She often cries when excited at shows and can be found on twitter at @iwearaviators.