January 24, 2017

EP: Total Goth - r u still coming 2 my party?

You won't want to miss the boat on the Total Goth party.

According to Total Goth's Facebook page, three out of four members didn't know how to play instruments before joining the band. Having only released a set of demos via their bandcamp page prior to their latest album, r u still coming 2 my party?, the aforementioned fact is a bit surprising. The foursome even goes as far as jokingly proclaiming they're the "worst band in Denver" on their 2015 release of the titular single. But after one listen, it's crystal clear this isn't true. Total Goth strives and succeeds in nailing down a specific slacker sound, and their debut EP is a consistent, well-crafted affair.

Niko Kuklin and Ryan Farabee split vocal duties, each possessing a hollow and nasally element that brings to mind the voice of a chilled out Nathan Williams of Wavves. Jessica Winterheimer offers up low-key drumming that nicely keeps up the beat and gets some unavoidable head-nodding going. r u still coming 2 my party? is primarily garage-y and wonderfully fuzzy, with the occasional rays of California surf-pop vibes poking in to say hello, regardless of the band's landlocked homebase. The album was recorded within Denver's very own DIY space, The Juice Church, which only helps enforce the loveliness of the EP’s stripped down, lo-fi aesthetic. "Where Did You Come From?" is a standout, wildly contagious track; the title are its only lyrics, yet the one posed question of "where did you come from?" quickly begins to serve as a mantra which will have you asking (and singing) right along in no time. Its accompanying guitar hooks offer up a nice grunge feel, complemented by Melisande Osnes on bass. The other four tracks are similarly sonically straightforward and honest. As a collective listen, r u still coming 2 my party? embodied a playful balance between melodic vs. grainy that makes for a solid debut. Total Goth may still be brushing up on perfecting their instruments, but we are most definitely showing up for their party.


Listen to Total Goth on bandcamp.

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