January 4, 2017

Split: Alumine/Insignificant Other

Two Gainesville sweethearts team up in their newest split to 
pay tribute to former Miami Heat basketball player Dwayne Wade.

Insignificant Other and Alumine are an unstoppable power duo of queer pop projects from Gainesville, Florida. Insignificant Other, fronted by Simona Morales, serenades listeners with sweet and emotionally introspective twee pop. Alumine, fronted by Alu Soto, pumps up listeners with honest and grungy pop punk. These two Gainesville sweethearts team up in their newest split to pay tribute to former Miami Heat basketball player Dwayne Wade.

Alumine’s song is first on the split, and Alu professes their unwavering love for Wade despite all the drama that ensued when Wade left the Heat to play for the Chicago Bulls. Guitars rumble behind Alu’s dedicated promise as fast-paced eighth notes roll out on a drum cymbal. Simona comes in with some spoken word, but it's not a form of poetry that we’re used to in music: Sim is reading a Dwayne Wade meme. The closeness and comfort between Alu and Sim is evident and heart-warming. As Sim reads, I can hear the smile in their voice and the fun that they are having being featured in a song with their close friend. Alu continues singing, forgiving Wade for leaving Miami, and restating their adoration for the b-ball superstar. Insignificant Other’s song follows suit as Sim sympathizes with Wade, justifying his team switch by declaring “it’s not your fault, it’s the NBA.” They try to send a positive message of acceptance and forgiveness in response to his decision that angered a lot of sports fans. Sim’s positivity is reinforced by the happy keyboard melody dancing behind their voice, and with bright, 60’s-esque “ooh’s” and "ahhh's" that accompany their lyrics. The song even features hand-claps, which gives it the feel of a light-hearted, romantic love song. It might as well be, with the amount of passion that Sim cheerfully sings “you’ll always be my MVP.”


Listen to Alumine and Insignificant Other on bandcamp.

Brianna Peterson plays awkward pop punk country in a band called Cooper!, loves everything outdoors and Twin Peaks, and is painfully torn between being a dog or a cat person.