January 6, 2017

Premiere: Nightspace - "Eudaemonia" (Them Are Us Too Cover)

Stream Nightspace's beautiful cover of Them Are Us Too's "Eudaemonia."

Bailey Skye, the artist behind Nightspace, is paying homage to their friend Cash Askew of Them Are Us Too through a creative outlet the two artists and musicians knew and understood well. Askew, who tragically lost her life in the Oakland Ghost Ship venue fire, was known by others for her bursting creativity and energy. “Cash Askew was one of the most other-worldly performers I ever had the privilege of meeting,” said Skye. “To say I was able to play with her while she was here is such a blessing. I once played a last minute house show with Them Are Us Too in Olympia, where fifteen people squeezed into a small basement. The experience was beautiful, and seeing them play in such an intimate setting was something else. I never thought that'd be the last time we'd play together.”

To commemorate their time together, as well as Askew’s art and visionary life, Skye has covered the first track on Them Are Us Too’s debut release, Remain. We send love to Askew’s friends and family, as well as to all who were affected by the Oakland Ghost Ship fire.


Listen to Nightspace on bandcamp.

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