January 13, 2017

Premiere: ela minus - "Juan Sant"

Stream a new song from New York-via-Colombia artist ela minus.

For some people, the dregs of winter involve recovering from a holiday hangover and nesting inside your home. But last year, I found myself spending weekend nights in dark warehouses and venues where electronic music pumped from the speakers. It might have had to do with the fact that I was single for the first time in a million years. But something about the freezing nights and occasional snowfall made these typically sweaty spaces feel much more magical. As we make our way into the end of January and February, I lowkey plan on picking up this habit again. On one of these kind of nights, I'm hoping to come across musician ela minus, who's making some of the most intriguing bilingual beats out there.

ela minus is the moniker of New York-based artist Gabriela Jimeno, who originally hails from South America. Jimeno kindled her musical talent by playing both electronic and hardcore music when she was younger. Upon moving to New York, she fully committed to drum machines and synthesizers as ela minus. Since 2015, she's been slowly releasing a trilogy of EPs that mirror her growth as an artist. This project will reach its completion with the upcoming Adapt, which will be out on February 17th. We're thrilled to premiere Jimeno's first single from the album, titled "Juan Sant," a track that would be perfect for my aforementioned late nights in the hidden corners of cities. Listen to the song below along with some words from Jimeno about her writing process.

Gabriela Jimeno on "Juan Sant":

"I made 'Juan Sant' on a moody morning. It is about me taking a step back to watch with melancholy how we tend to go in the wrong direction and worry about complicated things, (both in our daily lifes as well as in the bigger picture as a society) and often forget about the simplest, most important and obvious ones. 'All of our evolution doesn't matter, we still can't live if the sun doesnt come out.' 

Like trying to invent a car that drives itself when we still live in a world where most of the people live in constant fear, of themselves and of each other, and no ones is telling them that it is ok, that they are not alone on that. We are all scared, we all depend on the sun to keep living, and that is all ok, we can melancholichaly dance our way through life. I wrote, recorded, produced and mixed this song, like all the other ones in this EP, Adapt, inside my case while moving around. I first wrote it on an isolated cabin on the mountains of Colombia and then finished the recording/production process while back in Brooklyn."


Listen to ela minus on soundcloud.

Written by Emily Thompson