January 24, 2017

Premiere: Chemtrails - "Aeons"

Watch Chemtrails new video for their single "Aeons."

Back in December, garage pop outfit Chemtrails released their debut EP Love in Toxic Wasteland. With titles like “Will of the Beast” and “Golden Tombs”, the London quintet’s latest is brimming with post-apocalyptic themes not unlike the current U.S. political climate. And seeing that we just endured the inauguration last week, you deserve a reprieve. So we’re excited to premiere Chemtrails’ new music video for their single, “Aeons.”

On “Aeons”, Mia Lust (vocals, guitar), Laura Orlova (vocals, guitar), Laura Sumner (vocals, bass), Ian Jubb (keyboard), and Sam Nuebär (drums) make psychedelic shoegaze you can dance to. We’re transported to an oversaturated, kaleidoscopic Garden of Eden set against grainy black-and-white fisheye footage of Chemtrails at rehearsal. Mia and Laura play Eve & Eve as they traipse through the French countryside, climbing rocks, swimming in streams, and biting into apples. 

Chemtrails is currently finishing up their sophomore EP, due out this spring via PNKSLM Recordings. Watch their dizzying biblical re-imagining below.

Mia Lust on "Aeons":

"For reasons that made sense at the time, the lyrics of Aeons are a collage of ideas about the savage cults and rituals of the tribalistic inhabitants of a post-apocalyptic world. Even though I'm not religious at all, I feel weirdly compelled by the Biblical Genesis story, so one of the ideas was a picture of the last two people alive living in an overgrown world, like a second Eden. Me and Laura play these two people -- "Eve and Eve" -- in the Aeons video, which we filmed partly in the south of France and partly at a rehearsal here in London. We shot it all on my phone and edited it ourselves. We'd never done anything like that before so we had no idea what we were doing, but ultimately that just added to the trippy atmosphere we were aiming for.”


Listen to Chemtrails on bandcamp.

Written by Taylor Silver