January 3, 2017

EP: Nancy Pants - Vol. 27 EP

We can't get enough of Nancy Pants' Vol. 27 EP
and its garage-pop rocking soundscapes.

There are many interesting items to note about Nancy Pants’ latest release, Vol. 27 EP, starting with the album artwork, which features front person Ohara Hale’s mother, a Japanese model who at the age of 27, made her move to the US. While glancing at the track list, one might notice that not all of them are in English, as the last track of the album "ハッピー" is a Japanese rerecording of Total Nancy Pants’ track “Happy,” recorded in the hopes of releasing an all Japanese language EP. “Kokoro” has not only Ohara singing in Japanese, but also featured vocalist Julie Doiron singing in French, for an all-around-the-world hit. It’s an incredible, multinational album released in the fall from Montreal’s top lo-fi pop-punks.

Ohara, who is also in bands Mori and Ohara; Adam Waito, of the bands Adam & The Amethysts and Miracle Fortress; and Jeremy MacCuish, who plays in Parlovr, Nanimal, and Smokes, carved time out from their busy creative careers to form Nancy Pants. Illustrators and comic book designers Ohara and Adam dreamt up the band on the way to a comic book convention in the summer of 2014, wrangled Jeremy to participate, and self-released their debut album in November of the same year. According to their website, it was not only released to much critical acclaim, but also to “at least 30 Grammys and 5 sandwiches.” As it should be! It’s a banger.

And on to Vol. 27 EP, another top-notch release with eight garage-pop rocking soundscapes. Both “Mother Mary” and “PS” were released in 2015, accompanied by a dreamy, dolphin-centric video. At only 23 minutes long, the album sears through the tracks in English, French, and Japanese, eking the most out of every minute. Opening up with 1960’s pop girl group throwback “Yin Yang,” Ohara’s voice sweetly comes in over crashing drums and reverb, singing bits of the lyrics back to back to back, making you want to bee-bop along to her “we are one, we are one, we are one” refrain.

“Green” is the longest song on the album and the most psychedelic. With guitar effects and chirping tones, this is the perfect song to zone out to. The fuzzy track harkens back to warmer weather and blue skies. The softly-sung layered languages and gentle sounds of “Kokoro” add together for a sugary track asking “do you wanna, do you wanna go?” and all you want to say is “yes.” “I’ve Got A Crush On You And Everybody Knows It,” which speaks to the crushing feeling of a crush (is there any feeling more well-named?) in which everyone knows your inner emotions and you just don’t think you can take it. But you can and should go on, and listen to Nancy Pants along the way.


Listen to Nancy Pants on bandcamp.

Kat Harding is a music publicist living in Nashville, TN, with her loud kitty cat Goose. She often cries when excited at shows and can be found on twitter at @iwearaviators.